Market of Curiosities

In a short two weeks, I'll be one of the vendors in the Market of Curiosities Show in Carlisle PA. The event takes place in the Carlisle Expo Center (100 K St.) on 2 December 2017. I'm excited because this is my first juried show with my pottery. Over the years, I've been in lots of art shows in galleries before and in the past two years I've participated in a few non-juried shows, but I sense this is going to be a little different-- different crowd, different kind of energy. Back in August, I began working in earnest to produce enough for the show, and now have about 120 ceramic pieces. Show attendance is projected to be 3000- 400 people, so I hope I'll have enough. I made a sign, a short "

Studio Up and Running

Late in December 2016, I added windows to the studio space in the garage to let more natural light in on the north side of the building: Then ran new (upgraded) electric service to the garage: a whole week of digging a trench 24" deep! Thanks to our friend, Jackie, who connected us with a great electrician! The finished drywall and placement of work benches, kiln, wheel, etc. I still have yet to finish the window trim... The finished space is light and has a lot of room to move around. I spend a good deal of time here in the warmer months! I'm looking forward to many years of work here with a lot of inspiration! #possumhollowpotterystudio #Goofypots #KestPottery #potterystudio #kilnsetup