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Have a special project and need some custom tile? Need a frieze for your fireplace or tiles for your backsplash or bathroom renovation?, Contact me and let's discuss your project.


Please note that my prices don't include shipping costs. I have both PayPal and Square accounts for online or in-person transactions.  


General information: 

Ceramics is a multi-staged process. All pieces are formed by hand-building from slabs or are thrown on a wheel. When they are dry, they are called "greenware". The pieces are then fired in a kiln and these mid-fired pieces are then called "bisqueware." If a glaze is to be applied for color, then the pots are fired a *second* time, at a higher temperature.

My greenware is generally fired to temps of 1800 deg F (Cone 04), and then the bisqueware is glaze fired to stoneware temps of about 2200 deg F (Cone 6).

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