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My Introduction to Fired Ceramics

In late winter of 2012 I had the great privilege of taking a sculpture workshop (clay modeling) with a world-renowned sculptor, Alex Hromcych, of the Reading/ Philadelphia area. The workshop was held in the gorgeous timber-modern studios of Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell PA. In the short 3 days of working, I learned a great deal about the classic techniques of modeling a figure in clay. You can read more about this here.

I let "David" dry for the better part of a year before I began thinking about firing it. A friend of mine, Elva Winter, a psychologist by profession, and also published writer/ poet --and potter, had a kiln in her studio and she invited me to come over and fire it for me with her pots. The process was fascinating, loading the kiln, programming the temperature, and letting the intense heat do its work on the clay.

I sold the sculpture almost immediately to a buyer who saw the piece in a show in Harrisburg, giving me the idea that I'd like to do more of this thing called ceramics.

I've always worked in clay as a sculptor and have sold hundreds of pieces of work over the years, but didn't always have a kiln available to produce fired work. When Elva and her husband John moved to another residence, Elva gave me her kiln, slab roller, and extruder, and about 400 lbs of clay and told me to "get to it." And so, I have and Possum Hollow Pottery Studio was born. (Thanks Elva! xoxoxo)

I am always in "experimental mode" when it comes to my sculptural and pottery work. It gives me a freedom that I don't always get in my freelance illustration work!

Thanks for reading and for your interest. More posts to come soon.

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