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Artisanal Tiles, Bas reliefs

Several difficult, yet unrelated events this year have conspired to create a temporal space in which I've had the longest period of uninterrupted practice in sculpting than I have ever had in my life. While taking advantage of this unexpected window of time, I've discovered that bas reliefs are really *my jam*. The bas relief is somewhat two-dimensional, not only making me think as a designer of space (and as a sculptor, this is quite important), but it scratches an itch for storytelling that is always in the forefront of my mind as an illustrator.

Lately, I've been working on a series of bird bas reliefs and thought I'd put together a time-lapse video of my working process. First, there's the slab, then the cutting of the tile, then adding clay to make the bas relief. The sculpting process is really a drawing exercise, and in this stage you can really see a connection to my drawing. I tend to leave a good bit of the tool markings because that feels true to my thinking about drawing. Will post the final piece when it's fired.

I hope your work is coming along as well!

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